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Learning management systems can be used to implement all types of training (from compliance training to company policy training). In recent years, online learning has evolved into a revenue generator for the extended enterprise .

New advances in learning technology have helped support evolving learner needs and have revolutionized the e-learning space by allowing more learning data to be collected, enabling mobile learning and gamification capabilities to generating income, and more.

Leveraging data and measuring learning

Your LMS can track all the metrics in the world, but it won’t make a difference if no insight can be gained from this data and no action will improve your training programs.

One of the most practical applications of LMS metrics is to understand the skills and abilities of users. A student can complete an assessment analysis that will determine where she needs more skills and aptitudes, which are necessary to better perform her job.

Once the employer has filled in these knowledge gaps, this data can be leveraged to personalize a learning plan for the student that will help increase her skills, aptitudes, and ultimately, her job performance.Metrics derived from learning technology can also help draw the connection between how learning impacts business performance.

Regular reports showing learning metrics can help you understand the effectiveness of your e-learning courses and the level of engagement of your students. Future advances in learning technology will enable these metrics to provide more valuable insights and increase business performance.

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